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Massandra Winery from Crimea, Ukraine

Massandra produces more than twenty different wine types, mainly in the sweet and dessert categories, many of which can live 100 years or more. The Crimea’s South Coast where the vineyards are located is a sub-tropical zone where the Muscat grapes have been raised for 2,500 years.

Massandra wines have been received numerous awards at international wine contests totaling to about 200 gold and silver medals, five Grand Prix, and two Super Grand Prix cups. Some of its wines were evaluated by Robert Parker scoring from 90 to 98 points.


2007 Massandra Sherry  $420 

2006 Massandra Madeira  $420 

2008 Livadia Red Port, Cabernet Sauvignon  $420 - Sold out

2008 Surozh White Port, 100% Surozh  $420

2009 Red Stone White Muscat, 100% White Muscat  $680

2009 Massandra Rose Muscat, 100% Rose Muscat  $500

2009 South Coast White Muscat, 100% White Muscat  $390

2009 Ai Serez, Blend: Magaratch Bastardo, Cabernet Sauvignon  $450

2009 Surozh Kokour, 100% Kokour  $420


Other Crimean wines:

1994 Sevastopol Tawny Port, Kokour white, Sauvignon, Riesling, Rkatsiteli   $1,450

2008 Inkerman, Kacha Cabernet, Grand Reserva, Cabernet Sauvignon  $360

2011 Cabernet Inkerman, Wine Master Selection, Cabernet Sauvignon  $280

2006 Pearl of Inkerman, Grand Reserva, Rkatsiteli   $350