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                                              Country of Origin:  POLAND


Polugar Classic Rye           615ml   Alc 38.5%      $760

Polugar Wheat                  615ml  Alc 38.5%       $760

Polugar Single Malt Rye    615ml   Alc 38.5%      $1,770

Polugar No.1 (Rye & Wheat)         500ml   Alc 38.5%     $600

Polugar No.2 (Garlic & Pepper)     500ml   Alc 38.5%    $660

Polugar No.3 (Caraway)                500ml   Alc 38.5%     $660

Polugar No.4 (Honey & Allspice)   500ml   Alc 38.5%     $660

Krivach 61                        700ml   Alc 61%     $930


Polugar is the true legendary Russian bread wine brought back to life using the traditional technologies and recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries. It hasn't been produced for the last 120 years, is 38.5% alcohol strength, smells of rye bread and has a soft pleasant taste.

The lost symbol of the Russian wining and dining traditions is brought back thanks to the effort of dozens of people who are keen on the idea of restoring the historic justice and bringing back the former popularity of the Russian distillates to the level they were at their heyday during the era of distillation at manors of noblemen.

The taste of Polugar is unlike any alcoholic beverage currently produced. Everyone who tried it is fond of its natural bready taste and aroma, and cannot find a single known alcoholic beverage it can be compared to.

Polugar is the historic vodka from the Russian Empire, enjoyed throughout Russia by the aristocracy and peasants alike as the national spirit until 1895 when, following a decree of Czar Alexander III, all the pot stills were broken up. All production was converted to what we know today as vodka, distilled in government licensed and taxed column stills. The art of Polugar distillation has returned, thanks to the research and passion of Boris Rodionov, a noted Russian vodka historian and scientist who has reproduced an 18th century recipe at the authentic strength of 38.5%. As the ban remains in place in Russia, it is now crafted in a micro-distillery in Poland, within the 19th century borders of the Russian Empire.