_______ Lohas Tea House Limited 樂活茶軒 _______

How to buy from us:

Customer Service

We would like to have stable friendly relationship with customers who buy our products. Like in a small local shop when the owner long knows each of his clients, their tastes and habits, allowing to recommend right products for each occasion.

Satisfaction policy

In case you do not feel satisfied with our service or products, please get in touch at info@lohas-tea.com Price policy We aim to offer our best prices to the end customer, but we have some expenses too, including refrigerated overseas air freight and local storage costs, as well as other operational expenses, plus we need some profit to let us expand and keep improving our service.

How to buy from us:

Option 1: Come to our retail store located at Shop Floor, Goodluck Mansion, 41 Po Tuck Street, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong. Here you can choose the wine you like or we help select the wine suitable for you. We accept cash only. Then you either pick up your purchase on spot, or we can arrange a courier delivery for you.

Option 2: Send an e-mail to us at info@lohas-tea.com, or call us +852 3175 7818, and Then you can choose to pay via bank transfer to our account, and we will arrange a courier delivery in 1-2 days.


We invite all interested parties to distribute our products. Since we are the direct importer, we can offer competitive prices. You are always welcome to discuss the details by phone +852 9432 8281, or by email info@lohas-tea.com.


For TiPei ShiHu or Chinese Tea, Welcome to visit our Online Store at www.lohas-tea.com